Blob Opera

Blob Opera
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Playing Blob Opera, an experimental music video game, is a great time. In this game, you take on the role of an opera singer and use vocal manipulation to create creative operatic music with the larvae. The game uses a machine learning model trained on human voices to make it easy for anybody to create stunning operatic music. Give each blob a voice and compose a breathtaking aria for the opera.

How to play

An excellent virtual instrument game where you may write your own operatic hymn. Your ability to produce operatic harmonies with four movable blob singers is astounding. Let the blobs sing and watch what beautiful melodies they come up with. This pliable gang enjoys singing and can all perform it at a different pitch. By clicking on a singer and dragging the mouse up and down, you may experience the dynamic range of a real-life vocal quartet's harmonies. All we ask is that you provide a hand with the blobs' singing so we can all have a good time.

How to play:

Use the mouse or your finger to access.

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