Arrow Count Master

Arrow Count Master
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Since your counting and arithmetic skills will determine the outcome of your next battle, in which your bow and arrows are your strongest weapons, Arrow Count Master mixes math games with counting and 3D arrow shooting games all in one!

How to play

In Arrow Count Master, grab your arrows and unleash a fierce attack! You are engaged in an odd conflict that combines tactical and physical attacks. Grab your arrow, follow your instincts, and try to kill the enemy's soldiers!

It is up to you whether to go via these gateways or not. You should be aware that the amount of arrows you have will change based on the four operations you will do on the portals you will use to enter. To earn more points, try to have as many arrows available at the finish. By claiming them in the sign section, you can unlock different arrow skins to spice up your game and win daily rewards. If you enjoy trying new things, be sure to try the devil mode with increased speed!

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