2 Player Dark Racing

2 Player Dark Racing
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Enjoy the difficult races in 2 Player Dark Racing's neon-lit arena! Play in the dark with these speed machines to show off your skills against the computer or a companion of your choosing! Complete every level to unlock every vehicle and prove your mettle to your rivals!

How to play

Try to maintain your focus on the road while driving the speed monsters built specifically for racing in an alternate racing universe. Avoid being distracted by the breathtaking scenery; your goal is to finish the three circuits ahead of your rivals. Get your car and compete against other drivers in races on the tracks. You can compete against your pals in this 2-player split-screen Dark Racing game or play by yourself.

You can play 2 Player Dark Racing game against the game bots alone or with a friend while sharing a screen and competing against each other. Whichever route you take, get ready to be tested right away since you'll like having these challenging tracks. From the beginning, try to pull ahead of your competitors while being cautious of obstacles. Complete levels to earn money so you may keep your position at the top and buy new automobiles. Remember to check out the free-ride mode and take in the hypnotic design!

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