1v1 lol

1v1 lol
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1v1lol is a competitive first-person shooter that places a premium on strategy and tactics. It's possible to fortify your position and gain an advantage by constructing ramps, platforms, and walls. The core gameplay entails a one-on-one "battle royale" where the victor is the one who stayed alive the longest.

How to play

One's goal in this activity is to play until the end by eliminating all of one's rivals. Among your arsenal of tools is an ax, perfect for smashing down the defenses of your foes. You can also use platforms to your advantage in combat. You have four construction bricks attached to your keys alongside your weapons for easy access. Enjoy this exciting third-person shooter if you like battle royale games like Fortnite.

In this multiplayer Battle Royale building war, only the last person standing will claim the great and desired master triumph. Thankfully, in build mode, you won't have to worry about combat as you hone your construction talents.


To aim/construct, use the left mouse button.

To navigate, use the WASD keys.

Jump with the space bar.

Crouch down and make a change.

To move between floors, press Z, X, C, V, or Y.

Use the letter F, number 1, or number 2 to swap weapons.

Pressing R will cause the stairs to spin and allow you to reload.

Making a platform door with a letter G.

The letter E unlocks gates.