Stupid Zombies

Stupid Zombies
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The goal of Stupid Zombies is to kill a large number of zombies with a small number of bullets. You will lose the game if you don't eliminate all the zombies before your ammunition runs out. Tackling the zombie horde will become easier if you refine your shooting position. Time to demonstrate your perfect accuracy!

How to play

The puzzle game Stupid Zombies was developed by MarketJS and features zombie shooting. You're our final hope of stopping the return of the mindless zombies. You'll need a steady hand with the rifle and some luck with bullet rebounds if you want to survive this game's onslaught of zombies. Be wary, though; ammunition is limited, so you'll need to make the most of your straight bullets, grenades, split- and buckshots if you hope to complete all 60 levels. If you can get a couple bullets to bounce off the walls and into the zombies' limbs, you can easily take them out one by one.


You'll get access to 200 Exciting Levels, a Plethora of Monsters to Slay, a Plethora of Powerful Firearms, and a Gunsmith's Workshop Brimming with Custom Weapons (More Levels Coming Soon). Animated slaughterhouses that are both entertaining and realistic in their gore effects.


Press and hold the left mouse button to aim, and release it to fire.

How to play:

How To Play Stupid Zombies