Santa Run

Santa Run
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In Santa Run, Santa is rushing to get to the Christmas Eve party on time. In this humorous online running game, you'll be tasked with assisting Santa in his quest to deliver as many presents as possible to good children all throughout the city. Get involved in the game and aid him in his quest to acquire all the candy canes. How long can you keep Santa going?

How to play

Santa needs to run out and get some last minute presents because Christmas is almost here. Take in the role of Santa Claus and rush about delivering gifts. The goal of this game is to rack up as many points as possible by guiding Santa Claus through a tricky course. Santa will go off on his own when you press the button. Keep an eye out for buses and other obstacles as you race to collect as many presents as you can before hitting a roadblock. Try to gather as many candy canes as possible for a higher score. At the top of the screen, you'll see a score tracker. I wish you happiness and success.


  • Animated, colorful, and 2D
  • Direct manipulation controls
  • A fun and engaging gaming experience
  • Infinite gameplay

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