Potion Ingredient Match

Potion Ingredient Match
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You play as a young witch learning the ropes of potions making in Potion Ingredient Match. We need specific materials in order to concoct a magical elixir. Those birds absolutely soar through the air. The components can't just be thrown into the boiler. Instead, you'll need to choose ones that go well together. Play through as many levels as possible and see how you stack up against your pals. I hope you enjoy your time at the playground.

How to play

You are a novice witch attempting to master the art of potions! Before you can place the parts in the boiler, you'll need to track down those that go with it. Put a potions together and boil them with them. Press the "Begin" button on the main menu to start the game. After that, put ingredients for a potion in a boiler that are identical to those you already have. Try to earn as many achievements as possible and boast about your achievements to your friends. The boiler's location will be displayed on the screen as a room. The goal is to use the mouse to choose two identical items, then drop them into the cauldron. Equal amounts of each ingredient should be placed in both halves of the boiler. If you don't act quickly, the potion will go bad. When these things show on the screen, click on them quickly to get points before they go. Get as high of a score as possible and brag to your pals about it!


  • Two-dimensional images
  • Amusing playtime
  • Simple settings
  • There are over 40 products to pair.

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