Potion Flip

Potion Flip
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When it comes to our Halloween series, Potion Flip is very unusual. a fun puzzle game with many of playable levels and a creepy mood. A fun Halloween puzzle game with many different stages. As you work to flip them all into the goal to win the game, unlock more potions. Happy Halloween!

How to play

You play this game in a witch's underground laboratory. You will have a potion in it that must be poured into the final pot in order to pass the level. To finish each level, players must flip the potion into the cauldron. Since potions lack feet, you must use your mouse skills to make it flip till it reaches and enters the bowl. To win the game, attempt tossing every potion you have at the goal in order to unlock new ones.

Make sure not to shatter too many items that the potion will hit along the route, and if at all possible, gather all of the stars to raise your score. As you play more, platforms will be added to the stages, making the course harder. We sincerely hope you enjoy flipping the potion through all of the game's phases and end up having a ton of fun, as would be only possible here!


There are a ton of levels to complete, and the 2D UI is awesome.

How to play:

How To Play Potion Flip

Use "MOUSE" and "LEFT-CLICK" clicking again will flip the potion.