Gold Strike

Gold Strike
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Matching two or more adjacent blocks in Gold Strike will cause them to disappear from the game board. Your persona is that of a miner who's in search of riches. Using his pickaxe, he must remove the worthless rocks from the mine. Do you think you've got what it takes to bring him out of the mine and help him find all the gold? Best of luck!

How to Play

In order to remove blocks from the board, you must make matches of two or more of the same kind. Gold, pebbles, and concrete all make up a portion of the stack. Thus, the primary objective is to hurl your pickaxe at gold bricks and collect them for points. As you work to eliminate the blocks, the mine's depth will increase. If the wall approaches too quickly, you won't be able to escape the gold mine in time. There will be multiple stages for you to accomplish, and the depth of the walls will increase by a factor of 18 as you progress through them. Would you like to go on a solo mining expedition? Best of luck!


  • Pixelated, multicolored, and two-dimensional
  • There are quite a few tiers to conquer.
  • Play is addictive, and controls are simple.

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How to play:

How To Play Gold Strike