Giant Rush!

Giant Rush!
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Giant Rush is a fast-paced, hyper-casual battleground where players face off against a variety of gigantic monsters. Get aboard the bus, navigate the perilous obstacle course, combine blobs to increase your strength, and fight off hulking monsters all without going online!

How to play

Games where you use a sword to battle a gigantic monster, avoid strikes, and defeat your foes. Determine the best course of action and guide your stick figure protagonist to victory! Become an unstoppable blob runner warrior in your offline fight games.

For a quick start, click and hold the left mouse button. In order to strafe, you should use the left and right mouse buttons. With the help of colored floor tiles, the protagonist can be transformed into a new hue. Get the protagonist as big as possible by having him or her eat items with matching shapes and sizes. Get coins and use them to buy early-game boosts. As soon as the boss fight begins, start mashing the LMB quickly to deal massive damage. As the player's size increases, the boss encounter becomes progressively less difficult. Shoot the villain straight into a massive force gauge. The multiplier for the final score will depend on the outcome of this calculation.


Your choices will determine the outcome of the race as you pilot your blob runner along a perilous track.