Classic Solitaire Blue

Classic Solitaire Blue
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The timeless card game is updated and given a refined new look in Classic Solitaire Blue. Classic Solitaire Blue allows you to pick your play style and deal the cards. This digital take on the moment card game allows you to keep score, alter the game's level of challenge, and start over whenever you wish.

How to play

Enjoy one of the most popular variations of the game on your mobile device, complete with in-game recording and dynamic range. Rest comfortably on the couch and fire up the first level. Two choices are available to you: One-Card-Draw and Three-Card-Draw. With a soothing background and the familiar gameplay of solitaire, you can expect to enjoy hours of exciting and difficult playtime. This is a must-play for any fan of the card game, and it features the same refined visuals as other Softgames solitaire games. Have fun with this brilliant card game.


Separate the cards into the four piles on the left. Pick the number of cards you wish to draw; if you are just beginning out, you may want to start with just one. To use a card, find its value by flipping it over, then dragging it to a card of the same value but different color or suit It's important to organize the cards by value. Each pile must be constructed from an ace towards a king. Any number of identical cards of the same rank and color suit may be moved to any of the seven available columns.

How to play:

How To Play Classic Solitaire Blue